We are pleased to announce the deadline for the inaugural Windpower Monthly Awards has been extended until Thursday 14th June.

The global windpower industry has now come of age. It’s proved its worth and shown the world the capability to provide a viable, sustainable source of energy. There are still hurdles to face, we are after all, living through uncertain times, but that makes this a good time to embrace the successes and share best practice.

The Windpower Monthly Awards offer a new platform for the industry to support the community and embrace all that is good in windpower. They will be judged by industry experts who know what is important and what should be valued.

The awards will identify the people and companies that make a real difference and have taken the industry from enthusiastic beginnings through to maturity.

The categories have been designed to give those working in key technical operations, and those supporting the world’s windpower community, the opportunity to enter and showcase their work.

Windpower Monthly was there at the beginning 35 years ago and is committed to supporting this vital sector as it develops. Let’s highlight and reward the hard work, achievements and move purposely via the Windpower Monthly Awards 2018.

Alison Carter, Consulting Editor Live Events, Energy and Environment

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